Frequently Asked Questions

Christians familiar with either the Latin rite of the Catholic church or mainline liturgical Protestantism often have a lot of questions about Eastern liturgy an practiced. The following set of videos is designed to address some of those questions, and each video (with the exception of the last) takes only a few minutes to watch! Click on one of the titles below to open short YouTube presentation on each topic (length in minutes).

1. Why do you have different deacon vestments than in the Latin Church? (3.08)
2. Why do you have different priest vestments than the Latin Church? (3.07)
3. Do you have permanent deacons? (0.56)
4. Why no confessionals? (2.09)
5. Why don’t you genuflect in your Church? (1.37)
6. Why can’t eastern Deacons perform weddings and funerals? (1.00)
7. Why don’t you kneel at the Consecration? (1.51)
8. Why do you use so much incense? (2.16)
9. Why do you cross yourself backwards? (1.15)
10. Can I as a Roman Catholic receive the sacraments in your Church? (2.19)
11. How many fasts are there in the Byzantine Catholic Church year and what are they? (1.10)
12. Why are there different saints days in the Byzantine than the Latin Churches? (0.59)
13. Why don’t you have Stations of the Cross? (2.08)
14. What is the difference between a Church and a Rite? (2.05)
15. Why don’t you call your service the Mass? (1.19)
16. Why do you give communion to infants? (2.29)
17. Why do you sing everything? (1.35)
18. Why does the cross in your Church have three bars? (2.01)
19. Why do you have pictures and not statues? (2.33)
20. Why do you have a different Bishop than ours? (1.17)
21. Are you Catholic? (0.44)
22. Why are all your altar servers male? (1.00)
23. Why doesn’t your Lent start on Ash Wednesday? (1.06)
24. Why are there bells on the censer? (0.49)
25. Why are there different vestment colors than in the Latin Church? (1.23)
26. Why do you use leavened bread in the Divine Liturgy? (0.58)
27. Why does the priest face the altar and not the people at the Divine Liturgy? (0.47)
28. Why do you still eat fish on Friday? (1.10)
29. Do you really drink Holy Water? (1.23)
30. Why do you receive the Body and Blood together? (1.23)
31. Why do you have married priests? (1.07)
32. Are you under the Pope? (0.57)
33. Do you use the same Bible as the Latin Church? (0.53)
34. Why don’t you have an organ or other musical instruments in your Church? (1.17)
35. Do you pray the Rosary? (0.58)
36. Introduction to the Divine Liturgy of Eastern Catholics: Byzantine: St. John Chrysostom (33.39)